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Frequently Asked Questions

  • On the standup bags, look on the backside right above the UPC.
  • On the tins and cans, look on the bottom of the can.
The 12-digit UPC is located under the barcode where the product is scanned at the store during purchase.
Milk is one of the allergens in our plant. This includes casein and whey. Nuts may be run on shared equipment with these milk products.
If you purchase any of our products from a retailer or wholesaler and the product is past the best-by date, we recommend that you return or exchange the expired product directly at the location where it was purchased.
We can only guarantee the freshness of our products up to the best-by date. This date is used as a guideline for our consumers and as a point of reference for our records.
Our nuts are grown in the United States unless stated otherwise on the label. Nuts grown in other countries, per current regulations, require the Country of Origin Labeling.

Careers can be found on this link: https://jbssinc.com/careers/. Here you will be able to search for any open positions and complete an online profile.

You can reach the Consumer Relations Department by email at info@squirrelbrand.com or at (877-463-0100). The Consumer Relations Department is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Central Time.

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